Welcome to SMAP

The Smart Metering Advice Portal (SMAP) is a webtool developed by Energy Saving Trust offering a user-friendly web tool displaying household’s energy use over time.

SMAP also offers each household tailored information about how to reduce their energy use through the installation of various measures.

What is SMAP?

Smart meters are the next generation of utility meters, and under the UK smart meter roll-out will be offered to every home in England, Wales and Scotland by 2019 and to all homes in Northern Ireland by 2020.

Against this background the Energy Saving Trust, with funding from the Northern Periphery Programme and from the Scottish Government, has developed the Smart Metering Advice Project.

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The SMAP tool is a unique calculation engine backed by the expertise of the Energy Saving Trust.

We hope the SMAP tool inspires you to think about energy saving home improvements. Even though we're basing our advice on real energy data from your home, it’s important to note that in calculating how much you can save from home energy improvements we're makes assumptions about your home and how any measures installed will deliver in practice. Every home is different and we can't guarantee that any measure or changes we recommend will save energy or money for you.

So please note that the Energy Saving Trust is not responsible or liable for any decisions you make that are informed by the tool. Also bear in mind that though this tool provides an estimate of how your home might rate on an Energy Performance Certificate, this is just an indication: to get an official Energy Performance Certificate and offical Energy Performance rating for your home, a government accredited domestic energy assessor needs to visit your home.